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Visalus Reviews

Visalus Reviews

Visalus Reviews - Are you researching Visalus and wondering whether their products work and more importantly if you can make money in it or not?

In this Visalus review, I will tell you a little about the company and its products, but more importantly I will reveal to you a MAJOR problem why most people struggle in this company and the MLM industry as a whole.

If you are even remotely serious about joining and making money with this company, then you must ABSOLUTELY know this problem and how to overcome it to survive.

Most Visalus Reviews probably don’t even know of this. Also Note that I am NOT affiliated with this company.

Visalus Reviews – The company

Visalus is the company behind the ‘Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge‘. It is a network marketing company promoting its health and wellness products through the challenge. From what I have seen, the challenge is mainly for people who want to lose weight, but there could be other reasons why people also become part of this company and the challenge.

If you have read other Visalus Reviews, then you probably know that these products work, taste great and are well priced. I’ve seen plenty of people share their results. As for the leadership team, well the owners are young and pretty successful. This is a H-I-N-T that the company is in good hands.

As for the executive team, a quick search on their website reveal that they are quite a dynamic team that know what they are doing. Look at the explosive growth this company is seeing right now.

Now I don’t know if they have mentioned this in other Visalus Reviews, but this company seems to be rewarding its representatives pretty well. People earning multiple six figures. In addition, they seem to be giving away BMW more than they sell cookies! lol

My point is, Visalus looks like a great company to be part of if you are into the health and wellness industry. Products are great, leadership is great and the money looks to be good.   With that being said, how come then the majority of people in this company and MLM as whole, struggle to reach their financial goals?

Visalus Reviews – The problem

What I am just about to share with you is what is LEFT OUT from probably 99.99% of “Visalus Reviews” and business presentations out there. Traditionally, MLM businesses are/were built based on word of mouth referrals and even house parties. These strategies have worked in the past and definitely have their place however they don’t necessarily work for the majority of people for many different reasons.

Not only that, these are also outdated tactics that do not take advantage of the power of the internet as a leveraging and lead generation tool. If you have tried to build an MLM before, you know that people are you product. You need to talk and expose your business to a lot of people. For example, I have moved countries twice in the last 10 years so my warm market is really not that great.

As a matter of fact, most people in my warm market have no interest and are not looking for what I have to offer. Most of us have the same problem and it makes no sense to keep chasing friends and family to join. So the question then becomes: Can you use the power of the internet to ATTRACT highly qualified prospects that are already looking for what you have, credit card in hand, almost ready to join you?

Visalus Reviews – The solution

The answer to that question is that yes, you absolutely can. I have done it. The people that I work with have done it. Some of the top 3% in Visalus and MLM as a whole are doing it right now, while most people are struggling.

Visalus ReviewsSo how do they do it? They use the Attraction Marketing Formula. You can click the link to see my post about it. Simply said, by using this formula you get people to come to you instead of you chasing family and friends.

You will be able to generate highly qualified leads for your Visalus business all on auto-pilot, while you sleep. Of course you need to set-up and know how to market, but once the hard part is done, this business will become fun to do!

So where do you start? Well one of the best attraction marketing systems that I have found so far is called My Lead System Pro (MLSP). You can check the review here. This system is being currently used by some of the best online network marketers in the world.

Not only does this system provide you with cutting edge training on how to market your business online, but it is also a semi-autmated tool that will help you generated those ready-to-join leads that we talked about, even earn a commission from the people that say no to your primary business.

I personally use the system and if you are serious about building a residual income from your Visalus business, then I highly recommend you check the link below, this is what other Visalus Reviews won’t share with you.

Click Here To Find Out The Strategies Of The Top 3% And How MLSP Can Help You Build Your Visalus Business. 

I really hope you enjoyed this Visalus Review and please share with the people that will benefit from this information. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below.

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To Your Success,

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PS: If you are struggling to get more leads, generate more cash and sign up more reps into your network marketing business, then I highly suggest you check this out.

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