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The Power Of One Summary

The Power of One Summary – Over the last few weeks, I have been reading the amazing novel of Bryce Courtenay The Power of One. It has been a long time since I’ve read a novel as I have been mainly focusing on personal development and wealth type of books. This book grabbed my attention on many different level. In The Power of One Summary, my aim is to give you an insight into this fantastic novel, what I have learned and what you can too that can have a solid impact on your life.

The Power of One Summary… Intro

The Power of One Summary

The novel is about a 5 year-old English kid growing up in the African continent around the era of World War 2. The story have everything from the suspense, the exotic, violence, mysticism, psychology and drama.

What I don’t want to do in The Power of One Summary is to actually spoil the story for you. So it will make this post a bit harder to write but let’s move one.

The boy called Peekay was born in that era. Earlier on in his childhood, he faced very drastic hardships of humiliation, abandonment and the loss of some very close friends. However he vowed to survive with dreams of heroic achievements.

His journey is clearly marked by a land of superstition and prejudice however with the people that falls into his life as his mentors, he learns the power of words, the power to transform lives and the power of one.

The Power of One Summary… Beginning

Early on in the novel, Peekay faces abuse and humiliation from kids around his age. And it was then when he first was introduced to the second person that will influence him for the rest of his life, after his beloved nanny.

I know I am being a bit vague, but I really don’t wanna spoil it for ya! At such a young age, he was taught the power of visualization and he continuously used that technique to help in pass some of the hardest moments in his life. He was also extremely smart and learn to use his brains to survive.

As we continue on with The Power Of One Summary, his next journey was aboard a steam train where for a period of 2 or 3 days he met a guy who had a drastic effect on his life. He introduced him to something (read the book), and with a couple of positive words he injected in him a drive that will drive his every single decision he will make in the future.

This ‘something’, will actually build Peekay’s character, protect him, make him money and more importantly allow him at such a young age to touch the hearts of thousands of people, from the black race, a time where racism was still heavy.

The Power of One Summary… Middle

Upon reaching his destination, Peekay was again introduced to yet another person that will take him under his wing to mentor him in the areas of life, thinking, music, logic, plants and others.

As the story gets more complex, I will stop here as I do not want to spoil this for you in The Power of One Summary. What I can say is that along his journey he kept meeting people that will always take him to higher heights.
The Power of One Summary
Not just that, Peekay was very smart and never let his goal out of his site, a goal and vision that he was determined to have, instilled in him by a guy that came into his life for 3 days. Throughout that process, as Peekay grow to be a teenager, his power within him grew as well.

By that time, he has actually affected thousands of lives, giving hope and faith to the people of Africa, whom they loved so much. And remember that he was from a different race then them.

The Power of One Summary… What I learned

Now the important bit. I have learned many things from the novel. Probably the most powerful takeaway I had, and yes you probably guessed it, is the quality of people that we have around us.

As I move along my journey, I realize the important of mentor-ship. I believe true mentor-ship is a gift that you should not take seriously. A mentor is someone who can guide you without you PAYING them. That’s a coach.

So if you want stellar results, surround yourself with stellar people (see my interview with a stellar guy). If you want average results, surround yourself with average people, which is the easiest.

The Power of One Summary would not be complete if I don’t mention this. Peekay was initially as poor as one can be. Yet he managed to influence thousands of other people and eventually pay himself a tuition to Oxford university. He was one kid that did all that before he was even 17.

The Power of One Summary… Your Turn

Imagine what you can do now! The power of one hidden inside each and every single on of us. We have so many opportunities now, yet most of the people on our planet is living in lack and unfulfillment.

We have the best health care we have ever had in our history. The best technologies, the best knowledge, the best developments yet we still see people who suffer and live in lack, maybe it is even you! Why? It is not because of luck, it is because of who we are on the inside.

Living in faith, determining to live life on our terms and to give as much as we can while we enjoy the best of what life to have. We need leaders in this world. More leaders with shining light to give more value and help each other.

We need you, the world needs you and the people need you to find that power of one inside of you so that you can lead and help other people lead. Please share.

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6 Responses to The Power Of One Summary

  1. Jessica March 23, 2012 at 11:37 PM #

    Seems very interesting John!!!

    What was your biggest takeaway?

    • johnmoussan March 25, 2012 at 10:26 AM #

      The importance of people around you and the power of one individual that can affect many lives.

  2. Jamella Biegel March 24, 2012 at 5:47 PM #

    Hi John,

    I love a good novel. Sometimes I take a break from reading personal development and lose myself in a good novel.:)

    Imagine what type of world we could live in if everyone realized their own power of one and used it to help others?

    The quality of people that we surround ourselves with has an enormous impact on what type of life we live. I am making a conscious decision to surround myself with positive, like minded people. The negative ones have got to go!

    • johnmoussan March 25, 2012 at 10:25 AM #

      Glad you liked this Jamella. Fly with the eagles!

  3. Val Heisey March 25, 2012 at 8:26 AM #

    Hey John, sounds like it wasn’t just another novel, but another personal development/wealth type book to me! Your interview with Jerry is awesome. I heard him speak for 3 hours at Ray Higdon’s Mastermind weekend in January – what an amazing journey he had and is still having! Thanks!

    • johnmoussan March 25, 2012 at 10:24 AM #

      Jerry’s training and insight are always extremely valuable and the novel is more on the personal development type side.

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