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Zero Hour

A ‘Time’ Trick To Start Your Day Effectively

This post is an effective strategy that I use on a daily basis (ok, ok… almost daily) that help me manage my time. This makes me more productive to bring more money in and speed up my personal journeys. I am a big believer in managing time effectively but also a bigger believer in managing your energy state as well… but I’ll leave that to a different post. Before we start, I will assume that you already have yearly, monthly and weekly plans. If not, I encourage to go ahead and do that. Your time is VALUABLE and if you still don’t feel it… this means that there is something not quite right in the way your doing business. It probably is the MOST VALUABLE ASSEST that you have, perhaps after your mind. Obviously, you want to maximise what you get out of it. One thing I learned my friend is money comes and goes, people come and go, stuff come and go… but the only thing you cannot have back is your TIME and ENERGY. So here is what I encourage you to do First, think about say 5 or 6 things you want to accomplish for the next day. Write them down. Be specific and have an intention on when you want them completed. After you do that, prioritise the highest value activity or activities. These activities are what brings you the highest amount of dollars for your business or move you closer to a personal achievement. Here is an example: Following up your leads and prospect is one of the highest paying activities you can perform, so leave checking your email to last! It may seem hard to do at first, but I believe it is essential to keep your email under wraps and NOT be control by your inbox (hint: this is another sources of unnecessary stress)! When you wake up the next morning, before you start running around, review your list and then jump into action. As for your personal life, what is your highest priority? Losing weight? Building a better relationship with your partner? Well you might want to leave the next episode of Star Wars or Sex And The City to another time my friend. PS: If you found this useful, feel free to share and leave some comments

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