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How To Confidently Answer The 3 Toughest MLM Questions Your Prospects Ask You Even If You Don’t Have Any Results Yet!

Alright this topic is significant to many people I believe in Network Marketing. You get pumped up, you join a business and now it’s time to get on the phone. You have very limited experience, sponsored no one or very few people, and have virtually made no or very little money. So what happens when your prospects ask you these 3 questions: How much are you making? How many people have you recruited? How much experience do you have? Answer these in the wrong way, and you are done! So how do you answer them then? Read on…

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How To ‘Ditch’ Your Phone Fear Once & For All!

Does your heart start MADLY beating just from the thought of you getting on the phone with your prospects? Does your breath shorten? Do you tense up, get anxious or freeze? Do you come up with every excuse possible for not having a phone conversation? Are you AFRAID of the phone and speaking on it with your prospects? Not for long you won’t…

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