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The #1 Skill That Every Networker Must Master

I was thinking of a topic for today’s post so why not talk talk about the #1 skill that every network marketer should have under their belt… guess what that is? Prospecting and sponsoring. Now there are various skills required however my belief is that if you know how to prospect and how to move your prospect along in a process such that they become one of your distributors, your life and your business would be way less stressful, easier and more fun. So let’s talk more about that.

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How To Make Money In MLM?

How to make money in MLM? If you want to make money in MLM, there are certain steps that you need to follow. They are easy, they are simple, however the reason why most people DON’T do them is because they are complacent. So read on.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad Scam: Is Robert Kiyosaki Scam?

The Rich Dad Poor Dad scam: Is Robert Kiyosaki scam or not? I’m assuming if you are reading this blog post, then you have heard or read Robert Kiyosaki’s book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad‘ and you are wondering whether he is a scam or not. In this blog post I will present a short review of Robert and his book that will give you third perspective to determine if he is worth following his advice so you can achieve a better financial future. So read on!

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What is Network Marketing (MLM)?

If you are reading this post then you are probably wondering what is network marketing (also known as MLM or multi level marketing) and whether or not you can make money using this business model. This post will explain to you in simple term, what this awesome business is and how you can take advantage of it to literally change your life.

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How To Start A Network Marketing Company…

This blog post will reveal to you some key insights on the things you should take into account if you are wondering how to start a network marketing company. First let me make the distinction  that this post is about how you can start your home business in this industry of network marketing (or MLM) by becoming a representative of one already established, which is what the majority of people do.

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