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7 Principles On How To Add Value Based Content

We hear a lot of about adding VALUE to our communities, prospects and the world. When it comes to the MLM world there are few principles that you can focus on which kind puts you in the safe zone when it comes to adding value to the community. When you add value, you will start to activate the reciprocation principle, which is give first and you shall receive in return. So how do you actually add value? What kind of content classifies as value adding?

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How To Use TweetDeck…

How To Use TweetDeck – In this blog post I will be sharing with some very simple strategies to help you marketing your self and your business on Twitter. When I first started to learn how to use TweetDeck, I thought it was very simple and easy to do.

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The 4 Fundamentals Of Writing Good Copy…

In this blog post I would like to briefly discuss the 4 fundamentals to good copywriting for you blog post, capture pages, sales pages, or even when talking to people when on one. This is going to serve you well as you grow and build your MLM business.

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3 Top Ways To Generate Leads Using Facebook PPC…

This post is going to be short & sweet… straight to the point! You will LOVE it, if you are trying to use Facebook PPC to generate leads online… and if you are not, I highly suggested you learn this skill! There reason that you should take what I have to share with you to heart, simply is because of results that I had. Now I am not going to say I’m the best at generating leads from Facebook PPC, but I’ve had some very impressive results…

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Facebook Video ‘Ploy’…

So… here is another fancy Facebook NINJA trick to boost your relationships with people and engage your audience… Video is going big… I mean have you seen the TVs now that are integrated with the Internet? My friend… you have the ability to become a celebrity soon and this is what some people refer to as ‘The Rise of The Micro-Celebrity’. If you engage people with video… soon enough it’s very likely that you are going to be on their TV screen! Now how cool would that be? Even better yet, how profitable do you think you will be?

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