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The #1 Factor To Why Your MLM Biz Is Stagnating…

So your business is not growing? You’ve hit a wall and don’t know what to do? Easy… we’ve all been there. The #1 factor to why this is happening to you could be your EDUCATION. Now hold on, I am not talking about high school or college. I am talking about education related to building your business. I am going to keep this blog post quite short, so the point is, most of the time when time I hit a block, it was because of something that I did not know.

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A Visit To NASA’s JPL Mission Control Center & What You Can Learn To Grow Your Life

Since I was a kid, I have always been fascinated by space, the stars and being a NASA astronaut. As a matter of fact, I was on the course of studying Aerospace Engineer before the universe delivered to me a change of plans! lol This past weekend, I had the chance to visit NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, or JPL, gaining access to the core of some of the most incredible technology happening in the world, the study of our planet as well as the mind boggling robotic missions to Mars.

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Setting Goals With Jim Rohn!

In my experience, I have found that the not having written goals and a reason why we want those goals is something that can be debilitating to achieving our fullest potential as human beings. So in today’s post, we are going tackle that with one of the most remarkable people in the Networking and personal development industry, the one and only Jim Rohn!

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2 Lessons That The Network Marketer Learns From The Roadrunner!

I love animals and when I was a kid, I used to watch the roadrunner “Meep Meep“! Now you are probably wondering what does this have to do anything with being a network marketer? Hang in there, I will explain in a second. Up until few months ago, I thought that these animals were purely fictional. I was in for a surprise! I was just sitting the other day, minding my own business when I see a “flash”, something running by me. I did not know what it was and I barely saw it. I was told it was a roadrunner and I did not believe it, until I caught this on video!

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Captain Planet

“By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!” – The 5 Powers To Become The Captain Of Your Planet

Strange title for a blog post huh? Remember the cartoon show “Captain Planet”? Well, in this blog post I will give you some examples on how you can combine your own internal powers so that you become the Captain of your own planet (world – daily life) and end your struggle in your network marketing business as well. Now if you have not seen Captain Planet before, it is a cartoon show that I used to watch when I was kid, and I’m assuming it’s probably still around. In the show, there was always an evil person trying to pollute the world (typical good-evil) scenario. To stop him, there were 5 kids… each with their own unique power.

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Do You Believe That The Economy Is Getting Better? Think Again… Must See Documentary Reveals The Truth

As an entrepreneur and coach that LOVE empowering people to live the best life possible, I stay away from several subjects, including religion and politics. In saying that, as an entrepreneur, I love also capitalizing on the trends… and this is what I will show you today. I won’t go rambling about the economy nor the financial systems… but I will expose you to information that will really awaken you to some truths on what is going on in the economy. This information, if you act on it will help you: Protect yourself and your family from the upcoming economical storm Preserve your wealth (if you don’t it highly likely it is going to be wiped out… this is a worldwide) With the right action steps, you can capitalize on the trends of gold and silver and actually increase your wealth, while most people have no clue what hit them.

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The “PeeWee” Factor…

  I don’t surf youtube much but today I decided to have a look at some positive videos by Anthony Robbins, a very well known life-coach. I got across one of his little speeches where he talks about how a very little change in action can have a tremendous change in results… and hence I called in the “PeeWee” Factor.

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The Power of One Summary

The Power Of One Summary

The Power of One Summary – Over the last few weeks, I have been reading the amazing novel of Bryce Courtenay The Power of One. It has been a long time since I’ve read a novel as I have been mainly focusing on personal development and wealth type of books. This book grabbed my attention on many different level. In The Power of One Summary, my aim is to give you an insight into this fantastic novel, what I have learned and what you can too that can have a solid impact on your life.

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The Secret Film Review

The Secret Film Review: Is It Mumbo-Jumbo Or For Real?

The Secret Film Review – Out of all the topics that I can choose, I have chosen this one. And if you have seen or heard about The Secret you would definitely now what I mean. This is probably one of the hardest topics to discuss but I’ll do it anyway. So The Secret Film Review will aim to provide you a basic overview of this phenomenal film, the mysteries of the universe and what it can do for your life.

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The Devil’s Workshop…

This blog post is inspired by the book “Think & Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill. In the book there is actually a chapter call “The Devil’s Workshop”. It is named like that because inside are 60 questions that brings you face-to-face with the Devil within you. By Devil, here I mean that part of you which is preventing you from all you want to have, do, and be. I am NOT referring to it in a religious sense. The reason I am sharing this with you is because I go over that chapter on a yearly basis and ask those questions to myself.

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Pair of Southern Pacific Rattlesnakes

7 Million-Dollar Actions That Will “Rattle” Your World!

If there is anything I learned when I started this journey is that my ‘outter’ world was an incredible match to my ‘inner’ world. It was very hard to accept that reality, because there were a lot of things that I was not satisfied with. So to say that I am a %100 responsible for that was a blow to my ego. I accepted it and understood the power that if I am %100 responsible for the results in my life, then I have the POWER to change that. So with a bruised ego, I start inching away at all negative influences, thoughts and actions.

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What The “Act of Valor” Movie Has Taught Me…

I take every opportunity to learn, grow, and add value to the people around. Every little thing that happens can hold a valuable lesson for us all, if you look for it. Two nights ago, I watched “Act Of Valor”. Great movie… full of action. But more importantly full of stories based on real human beings risking their lives for their jobs.

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