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How To Find More Prospects On Facebook…

Any business, not just network marketing, will fail if it does not serve people. One of the primary reasons why network marketers fail in their business is because they do not know who to talk to or they run out of people to talk to… which is quite ironic seeing that people surround us everywhere we go.

In the USA alone, there is over 300 million people… yet I still hear “I don’t have anyone to talk to or I don’t know where to find people. So in this post, I am going to show you a way so that you get over that hurdle.

How To Prospect On Facebook…

There are many ways to prospect on Facebook. This approach here is more of an active approach that anyone can do regardless of experience. First make sure, your profile is attractive. You can refer back to this blog post, even if Facebook has changed, the principles I share there still apply.

Once you have that sorted, it’s time to go to work. Look for leaders, fan pages and groups that you think will be more targeted towards what you have. Watch who comments, look at group members and interact by liking, commenting and sharing.

At some stage, you are going to have to chose a ‘suspect’ and see if they are a prospect. What you do is you go and send them a message… and say something like:

“Hey X, I noticed your comment on Y’s wall. I just liked it and I think you have a point (make it sincere). Anyways I see that we have this book (friend, movie, etc…) in common and I always like to connect with like minded people. How do you know Y, through the internet or have you met? PS: Feel free to friend me.”

Now first please do not copy and paste this. Come up with your own script and change it every time. Don’t copy/paste. Personalize the message. The key here is to engage the person and get them to add you as a friend (there are reasons for that.)

Now you need to do this many times. Some people will ignore you, some people will friend you, some will reply back and some will eventually join your business. So your goal is to reach out to as many people as you can, and sort.

Keep doing this, and you can review this blog post on how to build your relationship more and eventually help them out and bring them into your team!

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