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How To Capitalize On The Upcoming Gold & Silver Trends

Thank God for Robert Kiyosaki! If you don’t know who Robert is, I suggest you look him up. He is one of my favorite authors and mentors. What Robert teaches is absolutely incredible for anyone who is SERIOUS about their financial future, not just to secure it, but also to live life on your terms, live in abundance and make your dreams come true.


The reason I love Robert so much is because he is genuine and truly cares about financial education of other people, which is one reason why a LOT of people struggle financially. They lack it. Even if they are not struggling, they might just be missing out on a whole lot of money. For example, it is very typical to hear advice of go to school, get a degree, get a job, get a loan for a house and bla, bla, bla…

Evidently because of this old out-dated advice and that people wanna play it SAFE, that most are caught in a Rat Race that they do not like. In fact according to Money Magazine June 2012, 60% of all workers are dissatisfied with their job for low salaries, long hours, heavy workloads and lack of growth opportunities.

What is MORE amazing than this is that %70 of those…. STAY PUT! Now is that insanity or what? You only live once! Why in the world would you do that to yourself? Unfortunately this is the majority, people have given up hope because their minds are just simply too closed for opportunities that surround them.

In fact by playing it safe, people are taking the most amount of risk.

They risk living life to the fullest and being safe in a job is what I believe to be an illusion. We saw what happened how people lost their retirments saving in short time forcing them to work longer. It is boring life when you have to work most of it then only have fun when you are older. We, you and I deserve way better than that!

People want security of a paycheck but the freedom of a great lifestyle. And in most cases, unfortunately that does not happen. Because of FEAR and emotions, people are clinging to that paycheck, literally getting addicted to it and money. They are too scared to try anything new or learn a way how they can become financially free and get their dignity back.

So what does this have to do with gold and silver trends? Well, I have been following some very smart and successful people for a while now. One of those, is Mike Maloney, who is an advisor to the Robert. You can watch the documentary that Mike has on gold and silver here.

And as an entreprenur yourself (hopefully if you are reading this) or thinking of making that transition, one of your secrets is knowledge that has the potential to change your life if you ACT on it.

Now I am no way near how Mike can explain what is going on and were we are heading. It doesn’t look pretty, and for everyone sake’s I hope it does not happen. However more and more evidence is showing up every day, that the value of the US dollar is going towards Z-E-R-O.

This chart below shows the value of the dollar about 100 years ago compared to now. Because the dollar is FIAT currency (paper money that is not backed by something with an intrinsic value), it has been declining in power for different reasons, that I’ll leave out from this post.

You can do your research as to why, but is happening. Your money is worth less and less every day. This is why the price of things increase, its not always because it is truly increasing in value but because your dollar buys less of that stuff. (Think real estate, gasoline, milk…).

The chart below shows the spot price of silver as traded in the world markets since the 1900 hundreds. One reason silver has spiked over the last few years (and the big spike is yet to come), is because of what is going on in the world and US economy. I’ve heard estimates at $2000/ounce (we are still around $30/ounce at the time of this blog post!)

This chart is showing the gold market. If you look for the last 10 years, gold prices has been going up. I’ve heard crazy estimates as high as $20,000 per ounce and now it is about $1500.

The point I am sharing this information with you is simply because there are big changes coming towards us and you can be on one side of the equation: either you get hit and get surprised by the upcoming wave (and I hope it does not happen but it looks like it will), or you can position yourself to protect yourself, your family, your wealth and even benefit from it, if you take action.

Gold and silver are primed to be one of the best opportunities in our lifetime if not in history, (Disclaimer: I am not a licensed financial advisor, please seek professional advice for any investments). As any smart business person knows, you capitalize on the trends before the masses rush in. This is where most of the money is made.

If you rush in when you hear about it on TV or in the newspaper, it’s already too late. In the documentary, Mike talks about how the financial system is set-up, some of the flaws in it, and what is going on in the economy that has made gold and silver very attractive.

Right now, my business partners and I are helping people on a daily basis to build their gold and silver assets while at the same time be able to earn a part-time or a full time income from doing that. We have a business set in place primely positioned to ride the upcoming wave in the US and global economies.

If you want to know more about how we are doing that, call me at 949-547-2463, email me (see below) or click on the link below. Or you can sit down on your lazy couch, ignore what’s happening then blame the government when the price of gas is $15 a gallon. I truly hope that whatever decision you take write now, you won’t regret few years from now.

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