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‘Exploiting’ Your Mind-Body Alliance

In this post you will learn how to EXPLOIT the power of the connection between your body and your mind. Because if you are not doing so, it is almost certain it’s working against you!


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Once you tap into this power consistently, you will have more energy, think more clearly, become more alert, more driven, more focused to say the least.

It is a surefire way to help with your transformation into a remarkable leader capable of creating more in your business and personal life.

If you follow these teachings, you WILL become more effective and start tapping into your INFINITE potential as a human being.

It may seem like a bold statement to make, but as you work more on yourself, you will start to realise that there are universal forces at work to help you succeed… the same ones that help you fail.

First Things First

Here is a simplistic explanation of the connection between the mind and the body:

The state of your physical body affects the state of your mind and the state of your mind affects your the state of your physical body.

I’ve previously explained why the mind is a very powerful tool in this video here. Your thoughts create emotions and triggers chemical reactions inside the body that affects your physical body.

In the same way, what you do with your physical body triggers a series of reactions in the body, which affects your mind and thoughts. It’s a cycle, the mind affects the body, which affects the mind that affects the body…

This is absolutely crucial to your success in business and life in general, simply because this affects how you feel.

It affects your EMOTIONS.

Emotions are literally your energy and they either FUEL you in the direction that you want, or DRAIN you of your own internal power and hinder your progress. Most people are not even aware that our whole world is controlled by emotions.

Human beings are emotional beings and most of the time our decisions are emotionally based, then we try to rationalise them logically.

We try to think of why we made a decision and convince ourselves in a logical way that this was the right choice.

If you are from the male species, this is particularly applicable to us. If you think you are ‘macho’ and believe that males should not be in touch with their emotional well being and harness its power, I can almost certainly tell you that you are not going anywhere in a hurry soon nor expect major changes in your life.

Every successful leader know the importance of this. From my own experience, when you tap into this power, you will feel you are in the ZONE.

The zone of creativity, dedication, passion, love, empowerment, joy, focus, and manifestation! Now if you don’t think this absolutely affects how much results I create in business, relationships and lifestyle… then you have a lot of work to do!

Now we’ve established that there is a powerful connection between the mind and the body.

But how do you HARNESS it?

1. The first big one is EXERCISE

I highly encourage you to do some type of physical activity every single day.

Things like lifting weights, running, walking, shadow boxing and really any type of exercise that increase your heart rate will release ‘the feel-good-hormones’ bringing you closer to your PEAK performance.

2. Second, what you EAT!

The food that you eat absolutely have an effect on the levels of energy that you have, which affects the results that you create. Here is some knowledge that will give you a start. All foods can be broken down to three major components:

  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats

They are all necessary for us to maintain life, but the proportions that we eat can affect our performance. You want a balance that suits you. Ever felt lethargic after a big meal?

It’s because of eating an unbalanced combination that overwhelms your digestive system and shifts all your energy to digest heavy foods. Not good, especially if you are about to write an article or speak to a prospect.

The topic of exercise and food is very broad that I cannot really cover more here, but I will be creating more in-depth explanations and tips. It is also my intention to provide you with an interview with my personal trainer, so we can bring you some more practical tips.

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3. The power of thoughts

As for using the mind to harness this relationship, be aware of the stories that you tell yourself (check out one of my videos here) because they could be zapping your energy, without you even knowing.

Feed your mind positive thoughts, stories, actions and meditate.

Shift your focus from problems, limitations, and fears to focusing on solutions, strengths, and courage.

The whole blog is designed to pass on the special message of your inner power and potential and I hope this post has brought this message closer. But always remember the key here is not to just know the information, but to ACT on it.

PS: If you have learned at least ONE single thing that benefited you, feel free to share like and comment or share your thoughts, I would love to read what you have to say!

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To Your Success,

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