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3 Simple Questions To Help Build Your Online Brand…

In this post, I will be revealing 3 amazingly simple questions to ask yourself that will help you define an UNBEATABLE online brand and create your competitive edge. This will enable you to truly TAP into the power of Attraction Marketing and setup a long-term income for yourself. Let’s get started… An online brand is one of the most powerful and profitable strategies for any entrepreneur, especially if you are in network marketing. First I want to explain that this is not an over-night process. If you think success is a “pill” you take and when you wake up it’s all there, then you don’t get it… YET. Successful people had to work hard (but smart and with the correct knowledge) to get to where they are. If such “pill” existed, I will most definitely would have taken it long time ago! Building an online brand for yourself will require you to ENVISION your future, see your destiny, and find exactly WHY you want to do it. Then, you will have to be a bit daring, enthusiastic and stretch your imagination. But it’s worth it. Ok, so now you had a breakthrough and know why you want to take-on this mission, it’s time to create your masterpiece, your blog, which is such an ESSENTIAL fundamental for your online brand. Perhaps you already started this already but maybe you got caught somewhere or not sure if you are heading in the right direction. Now what? You are going to have to do some brain-picking here. Here are the 3 questions that I encourage you to think about to help build your brand: 1. What Are You Offering? An essential part of marketing is to SOLVE a problem. If you can solve a problem for your prospect at a price he or she is willing to pay, then you are going to make money. Most network marketers, probably around 95% of them are struggling in their business. The 3 major reasons for their failure is (and most don’t even know it): Their success mindset (or should I say their failure mindset, hey it’s ok… I was  once there) Their lack of knowledge and skill in the correct marketing education and system They have not found a dedicated leader to provide one of the above (even better yet, both) Offer them leadership and marketing solutions and they will FLOCK to you! Defining your niche also helps you define what you are offering. For all the network marketers, here are some ideas for some specific niches: Personal Development (mindset, goal setting…) Marketing (copywriting, blogging, social media, paid advertising…) There are many others. Your niche could be a combination. It is important to choose ones that you are passionate at and become good at it by living it and applying it yourself. 2. Who Are You Offering It To? If you don’t know who you are talking to, then how can you create value adding content to help? There is a major difference between talking […]

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