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MLM Blogging Secrets Revealed – Part 1

In this post I would like to address some common questions that I got from my clients and other people in the industry. In essence, the “MLM Blogging Secrets Revealed” series are going to be a series of blog posts where I share with you ‘little-known’ secrets and others that are more commonly used, that will give you an edge when it comes to this highly competitive marketplace.

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How Frequently Should I Blog?

Alright so, you are excited, you have your blog up, you thought you had everything under control until now. You have your lead form ready, your excited ready to go. Then you are scratching your head… How Frequently Should I Blog?

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No Blog

Top 4 Reasons why NOT to have a blog… What?!

Ok ok, so if you are saying to yourself, hey dude, you have a blog what are you talking about, well you are absolutely right, so let me explain… You see there are always reasons for why you want to do something and why not to do it. There are definitely reasons why you don’t want to have a fully functioning, value giving, gut crunching, awesome blog with a following of people who are DYING to hear from you next!

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