The Innergize Method™ 8-Part Series: Vibrational Energy (Part 1)

The Innergize Method™ 8-Part Series: Vibrational Energy (Part 1)

Have you ever felt like that no matter how hard you work, you make little progress? Maybe you noticed that no matter how many marketing and lead generation courses you bought, no matter how many webinars and seminars you attended, and no matter how many books you read, you still can’t make headway or get the results you want?

Perhaps you’ve found it difficult to connect with the right people, attract the right resources, or maybe even find the right business model for you.

I have to admit, it can be very confusing and frustrating because you just simply don’t know why.

You may attribute it to luck or circumstances. But I’m here to explain to you, my friend, that it could all be related to your Dominant Vibrational Energy, which is Step 1 in The Innergize Method™.

Dominant Vibrational Energy (DVE)

Feature Image 001Let’s call it DVE.

Your DVE is what you’re thinking and feeling most of the time. We know from science that everything is made out of the same ‘material’, which is energy. Einstein was able to relate matter and energy in his infamous equation E=MC2.

This is the foundational formula upon which we can accurately predict the transformation of matter into energy, like in nuclear fission reactors. We can also inject huge quantities of energy to fuse the same two atoms together, to produce a 3rd unique atom.

Your thoughts and feelings are made from that same energy. We can measure the frequency of your thoughts in a lab since they are electrical impulses, which are a form of energy. Your feelings and emotions also have a resonant energy. You feel different when you’re angry than when you’re happy.

Therefore, your DVE is simply your dominant energetic vibration, the energy you’re pulsating to the world most of the time, the pure and real energy of your being.

Have you ever walked into a room, looked at a person, and just felt that they have a ‘negative or creepy’ energy? People, events, books, things, they all have a DVE or DVE equivalent.

And since there’s a proven scientific relationship between the transformation of energy into matter and vice versa, could it be that your thoughts and emotions physically influence what you experience in your business and life through the process of manifestation or co-creation?

A Practical Explanation of the Law of Attraction

Like Attracts LikeAccording to the Law of Attraction, the answer is a 100% yes. In my experience, this is very much true. And although neither I nor science have the full exact answers yet, there are very strong scientific and experiential observations that support this.

I know it has gained a lot of popularity in the last 10 years, but it has also been misunderstood by so many people, that they reject it. Hence they reject the benefits of how it can transform their business and life. So, let me dismiss some of the biggest misunderstandings about it.

The Law of Attraction is NOT about sitting on a couch daydreaming over lots of money, fast cars, and ridiculous houses expecting them to show up in your life. It’s not about meditating, it’s not about some magical process, and it’s not about forcing the outcome you want by visualizing it.

  1. The Law of Attraction is a universal law. It applies to everybody, regardless if you believe in it or not. It’s like the Law of Gravitation (gravity). It doesn’t matter what you think, it applies to everyone equally;
  2. Law of Attraction attracts ‘like energy’ to ‘like energy’. In other words, it brings like DVE’s together; AND
  3. The Law of Attraction is always influencing your business and your life. There is no on/off switch. Whether it works in an empowering or disempowering way is completely up to you (your DVE).

For our purpose, anything that is considered ‘of light’, has a higher vibrational energy. Anything that is considered ‘of dark’ has a lower vibrational energy. For example, feeling happy is a higher vibration and feeling angry is a lower vibration. Believing that your business will thrive is a higher vibration, while believing that your business will fail is of a lower vibration.

The key to improving your business and life is to shift your DVE to higher vibrational thoughts and feelings and combine it with action steps of a higher vibration too.

On the next page, I will share with you scientific supporting evidence. So keep reading!

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