The Innergize Method™ 8-Part Series: System (Part 7)

The Innergize Method™ 8-Part Series: System (Part 7)


System To Track & Measure

One of the biggest problems that entrepreneurs face is managing themselves. Forget about managing your ‘time’ because time cannot be managed. Time is a physical attribute of our current universe. When people say they manage time it’s like saying they manage gravity!

You can only manage yourself by deliberately choosing what to focus on every second of your day. And unlike what you may have been taught, separation between personal and work life does not exist. In addition, most people go by what they feel, controlled subconsciously by hidden fears, worries, and primal instincts.

Understand that your natural instincts only care about your physical survival and not your performance.

I know, I know, I’ve slammed you with some powerful and perhaps ground shaking principles right off the bat. That’s fine. I want to shock your belief system to help it let go of some beliefs that are tying you down.

For your to perform and produce at your best, you must have a proven and effective system to manage yourself  AND by-pass certain aspects of your natural instincts that keep you in your comfort zone (no growth zone). This will be the focus of this article.

Quick Revision

It’s important to quickly revise what we’ve covered so far so you can understand the context of where we are right now in series.

In previous parts of The Innergize Method™, we focused on understanding DVE (dominant vibrational energy) and how it ties to your business growth. Then through the parts about health, leadership, relationships, and purpose we discussed how you can lift your DVE in preparation for your to be able to crush your business – and other – goals.

In Part 6 onwards, we started focusing specifically on your business, self-management, and taking productive action. This ties to the tangible concrete part of the method. It’s not about your thoughts, health, and emotions anymore. It’s about what you do, how you do it, and how often you do it. It’s about manifesting your thoughts into results by taking efficient and productive actions consistently.

These parts are what tie everything together. In reality, all parts of The Innergize Method™ are happening at the same time. As you start to build momentum, you’ll start noticing profound changes that will help you grow your business, crush your goals, and change your life forever.

Myth of Work/Life Separation

One of the most common things I came across when I finished my academic studies is this concept of life/work balance.

Now, let me explain by saying it is EXTREMELY important to have balance in your life for full peak performance. That balance varies from person to person. With that being said, the idea that our work and personal lives are separated is, in my opinion, an inaccurate and false concept that creates unmet expectations in our lives that could become a reservoir of frustration, anger, worry, and anxiety. Not good.

The truth is you are one person, with one healthy brain, and one healthy personality, hopefully. Everything you are experiencing is part of your one person. To think that you can keep work pressures outside your personal life and vice versa is unrealistic and disempowering.

The subconscious brain picks up on everything. While obviously you don’t want (and perhaps at times it’s inappropriate) talk about work troubles at home – or vice versa – thoughts and associated emotions will filter through. Very few people can argue, for example, then when you hear some tough news at home, that you can go and perform naturally at work the same as you would if you just won the lotto.

The key is understanding that both will filter into each other. With this understanding, we now know where we stand and can plan accordingly to turn around what was a disadvantage into an advantage. We are setting ourselves up for success instead of unmet expectations and frustrations.

You are one person with a multi-faceted life. This is why, for maximum peak performance, I recommend the use a system (more on that in a future article) to help you manage yourself in all of these areas, which include both personal and work. Instead of having a work calendar, a work to do list, a home calendar, a home to do list, etc… you’ll have a life management system that will help you:

  • Objectively identify where you are right now
  • Narrow down your purpose
  • Identify the most important areas of your life (both business and personal)
  • Set specific goals along with a specific action plan on how to accomplish your goal
  • Keep track of every single meeting and task that you choose to do
  • Keep track of notes
  • Tracking your daily progress

And everything else in between. It may sound overwhelming, but I promise you it’s a very simple and effective system for high achievement and life/business management. And it’s implemented through what I call The LPA Planner™. I will cover that in a future article.

Overcoming Natural Instincts

The LPA Planner™ will help you overcome certain aspects of your natural instincts that no longer serve you in order to help you increase your results in your business and life. But what’s the big deal about the natural instincts? Well, think about this…

Every decision we take is a calculated a risk/reward scenario. We do this without evening being aware and come to a decision. For example, in my job as a gym membership salesman, we had to call people every single day. Now at first, I felt afraid picking up the phone. Subconsciously, my brain was afraid for my survival. Thousands of years ago, if you offended someone, you could get killed, literally.

As a result, seemingly unaware, I could generate a million excuse for me not to call. Examples would be: I’m busy setting my schedule, I have to clean my desk first, I want coffee before I call, deal with a complaint even though it was not my job under the pretense that I’m being helpful, I don’t feel like it, and the list goes on…

Now I didn’t actually do all that, but I was scared. My heart rate would shoot up. But I went through it and eventually it had little impact on me. This is why it’s important to have a system to help you stay objective and by-pass this disempowering part of your instincts.

Another example about fear is VERY reasonable. Back in the days when we lived in jungles, sometimes you had to make a decision on which path to take: the short pass with snakes, or the longer path with tough terrain. That fear is legitimate and helps you survive. Nowadays, fear in many instances is triggered because of the unknown and it chains you down.

My Point?

What kind of system do you have to manage your time and bypass your natural instincts? And if you do have a system, how is it working for you? Are you on top of everything almost all the time? Are you slam-dunking those goals? Are you moving forward, growing, and increasing revenue in your business? Do you feel at ease or anxious and overwhelmed?

If not, then you need to change your system as it is not effective.

John Moussan
Business Trainer | Transformational Coach | Speaker

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