The Innergize Method™ 8-Part Series: Purpose (Part 5)

The Innergize Method™ 8-Part Series: Purpose (Part 5)

earth-space-largeWhat on Earth are you here for? If you can answer that question, great for you. Most entrepreneurs can’t. As I discovered, this is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself. In fact, I think most people ask themselves this question, sometimes secretly. The emotional pain that might show up because there is no answer yet, scares people away from facing the most important area of their lives.

As a human race, we have tried to answer this question in many various belief systems, religions, and spiritual insights. And if you can answer it, you can potentially tap into an infinite source of joy, happiness, and personal power that can lift you and your business to new heights.

This is why “purpose” is incorporated into The Innergize Method™.

There are 2 ways to approach this topic. Either we have a purpose or we don’t. Whichever one we believe, dramatically impacts our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Ultimately this will create our life story. Right now, you are where you are in your business and life, because of the story you have told yourself so far.

Life with no purpose

Let’s walk down this path for a second: Life has no order nor meaning. Our existence is inconsequential and without a purpose. We have no creator. We are just part of a life and death cycle, simply and purely ecological.

Where does this philosophy lead us to? First, sounds like there is no aim in life. You don’t know what you’re here for. You’re not responsible. You’re not working towards something BIGGER than yourself and for the benefit of others.

Your life is random and fits in with the world and universe without a meaning. It’s purposeless.  Your existence is not important. Whether you exist or not, it makes no difference. After all, what kind of influence or change can you bring to a planet that is 196 million square miles and with 7 billion people living on it?

You, same as life and this planet, simply exist because of some type of a natural process that has created and placed Earth in an ideal position to sustain life. After all, life itself has emerged from all these processes and there is really no meaning or importance to your existence. You’re here just because.

This all sounds to me like a hopeless, aimless, and wasteful life. Whether this is true or not, it seems more disempowering and discouraging than empowering and encouraging. With this philosophy, so much of your life energy is being wasted. Your potential, gifts, and joy lie dormant. You have nothing real to internally fuel your energy, your drive, and enthusiasm. Except perhaps fleeting moments when it comes to enjoying material things and relationships, which can be taken away in a flash.

I’ve seen many people reached the latter stages of their lives and have put their purpose in the wrong things (like just raising their kids). This is an honorable purpose, but is it really a purpose? It could be. What I’ve seen though points to a different direction.  Once their kids are adults, they’ve completely lost their way, wandering aimlessly through life, engaging in drama and non-beneficial actions.

Their gifts and talents completely wasted, gone down the drain. Some are even depressed and have lost their zest and even willingness to live. Life becomes a heavy burden that we want to be freed from.

Life with a purpose

In comparison, let’s look at the opposite philosophy. Life is orderly and has a powerful meaning. Our existence is of extreme importance. We are an exceptional creation and have a very specific purpose to serve.

Again, whether this is true or not, it seems to me more empowering and encouraging than the other philosophy. It’s more uplifting, hopeful and has a completely different feel.

In my experience, having a purpose brings a whole new dimension to life. For one, it awakens a very powerful and limitless internal drive. When you know what your purpose is, and your living or working on it, it can bring you infinite amounts of energy, joy, and happiness. Your whole attitude about everything changes.

You’re more productive, enthusiastic, and creative. It’s like unleashing a force within you that you did not know existed. You’ll love and enjoy life. More importantly, your gifts and talents, your very life force, is not being wasted. Life is a precious gift, you appreciate that and work on making good use of what you’ve been blessed with.

Many say God has created you with a specific purpose to serve on Earth. It’s not just about you and your dreams. Although I’m not a spiritual teacher, I encourage you to explore that path.


For millennia, we’ve been searching for an answer to the question of life’s purpose. Whether it’s true that we have no purpose or we do have a purpose, from my experience and what I’ve seen, there’s one thing that cannot be denied: The philosophy that we have a purpose is more empowering, encouraging, beneficial, and optimistic than the philosophy that we don’t, regardless of which is actually true.

Personally, I’m more of a purposeful guy than an aimless human being. That has brought an incredible, magical, and fun dimension to my life that I’ve never experienced before.

For the sake of your business and your life, I encourage to adopt a more empowering philosophy, which will shift your DVE to an even higher place. In turn, this will feed the whole loop of The Innergize Method to help you grow your life, crush your goals and change your life forever…

Stay tuned for a future blog post on how to go about finding and defining your purpose here on Earth.

John Moussan
Business Trainer | Transformational Coach | Speaker

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