The Innergize Method™ 8-Part Series: Health (Part 3)

The Innergize Method™ 8-Part Series: Health (Part 3)

pexels-photo-29353To tell you the truth, I’m in a state of disbelief that I’m writing this post, making a case for healthy and fit lifestyle and its effects on your business growth. The reason I decided to address this subject, is because I have consistently observed how entrepreneurs ignore their health in favor of taking care of business or other responsibilities.

Business aside for a second, I believe that everybody wants to be healthy. Without your health, you’re done. And so is your business. The problem that I have observed, though, is that people struggle (consciously and subconsciously) with emotional and mental resistances, which in turn prevents them from taking appropriate action to improve their health. This is a completely different topic that I’ll leave for another post.

What I would like to focus upon for now is a ‘just-do-it’ type suggestions to help you improve your health and in turn grow your business, crush your goals and change your life forever!

The Common Factor Between Your Health & Your Business

First and foremost, taking positive action towards your health helps lift your Dominant Vibrational Energy (DVE) – Read Part 1 For Explanation. You’re aligning yourself more with the universal flow and recruiting the forces of the Law of Attraction to bring forth to you similar positive experience, including ones that could impact your business.

Every ‘feel-good’ step that you take is increasing your DVE. The opposite is true too. When you exercise (positive energy vibration), your body will release feel-good hormones. When you eat say a healthy meal, you feel good about yourself. Not only is this lifting your DVE but it’s also good for your health.

In addition, when you exercise and eat healthy, you will naturally have more energy. You will be more focused, have more creativity and be more enthusiastic about your business. Your outlook is generally more positive and your interactions with people feel more relaxed.

Using Healthy Habits To Grow Your Business

The common denominator between your health and your business is your DVE. Referring to The Innergize Method™, we can clearly see how the energy of your health filters into your life and your business. Therefore, the following brief but powerful list will give you specific actions steps to start lifting your DVE right now to help you improve your health and grow your business.

Disclaimer: I’m not a certified personal trainer, nutritionist or health expert. What I’m sharing with you is based on my personal experiences and what I have observed in other people. So do not assume the following advice as professional and always refer back to your doctor.


Drink P-L-E-N-T-Y of filtered water. Install a reverse osmosis filter and make sure it removes the fluoride. Fluoridation of water has been banned in many countries including in Europe and China. Also, stop sipping on soda drinks, including vitamin water and pre-packaged iced teas that are high in sugar. In addition, greatly moderate your caffeine intake, down to 1 or 2 cups a week. No this is not a typo. Same goes for alcohol. Better yet, don’t drink anymore.

Remember the ‘water crystal research’ that I shared in Part 1? This is part of how you apply it in your daily life.


salad-healthy-diet-spinachYour food and drinks have vibrational energy too. How much vibrational energy do you think dead flesh has in comparison to living foods? Always lean on eating fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as vegetarian options. You don’t have to be a vegetarian,  but you MUST recognize the impact of eating dead flesh – like meat, chicken, pork, fish and others.

Also, certain types of food are worth buying organic, like eggs, apples, and milk for example. Others are worth getting as Non-GMO especially corn and soy and their derivatives like tortilla chips. A quick google search will give you a more comprehensive list.

Oh and stay away from white salts, sugars, and white flours!

Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular exercise obviously has many benefits, including strengthening your heart and increasing oxygen supply to your body. There are many different types, styles, and techniques. Choose one or a mixture that you enjoy. It could be cycling, rowing, running, boxing or anything that you like, enjoy and have fun with. Do this at least 3 times per week. But also make sure you move your body every single day, even if it’s just for a 20 min walk.

Resistance Training

training-barbell-muscles-hands-39613And yes ladies, this is for you too. Resistance training is one of the best disciplines to strengthen your muscles, bones and joints. It also acts as a destresser and can help prevent and reverse aging. Committing to 3 sessions per week is a fantastic goal.

If you’ve never done resistance training before, I highly recommend hiring a personal trainer or start with one of the many different classes that offer cardiovascular and resistance training at the same time, like BodyPump.

Mindfulness & Relaxation

I highly recommend adding some type of meditative or stretching routine to your week. Disciplines like Tai Chi and Yoga, can help stretch the body, relax the mind, and the nervous system.

Taking time to reflect about your day/week can be extremely beneficial for your mental and emotional health. Meditation is also a discipline I recommend you try. It comes in some many different forms.


Without your health, you have nothing. By implementing a healthy lifestyle to lift your DVE and improve your health, you (directly and indirectly) impact the results that you’ll have in your business. You’ll notice little (and big shifts) start to happen. Maybe the right resources start showing up or you ‘get inspired’ to develop a new kick-ass service or product.

Other benefits, of course, is a stronger and healthier you, whose able to be there for you family and to enjoy your life more.

John Moussan
Business Trainer | Transformational Coach | Speaker

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