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Archive | January, 2012

Generate MLM Leads 1 Drop Card At A Time…

In this post I will reveal one technique that I’ve recently began exploring to generate MLM leads offline. One critical factor to your MLM success is the ability to consistently generate MLM leads to your business. If you can do that, along with your leadership skills and the team that you are working with (and assuming you promote a great company) you are pretty much guaranteed success.

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TF Prime NYCC Arcee

Happy New Year… Transformers!

Happy new year! The beginning of a new year always signifies to me a new beginning, a fresh start and looking forward to new and exciting adventures. Life, is a cycle of life and death. A new year, a new dawn, a new spring… a new TRANSFORMATION. In this post, I will be sharing with you the Principle of Transformation and that if you do not control this process, which is always occurring whether you like it or not, you will end up living a life by default, swayed by whatever comes your way, instead of you being in control of your life and create it the way you want it to be.¬†This is going to be critical for you MLM business.

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