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Archive | December, 2011

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What is Network Marketing (MLM)?

If you are reading this post then you are probably wondering what is network marketing (also known as MLM or multi level marketing) and whether or not you can make money using this business model. This post will explain to you in simple term, what this awesome business is and how you can take advantage of it to literally change your life.

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Video Interview With Ayurveda Practitioner Reveals 5 Health Tips For Home Based Entrepreneurs

The reason for being an entrepreneur is to make our dream lifestyle come true. If you are like me, I envision my life being full of health, vitality, ease and joy. In this video interview with Alicia Diaz, an Ayurveda practitioner, she talks about what this ancient and POWERFUL method is, and how you can use it your daily life so you can bring back health, ease and joy into your daily routine.

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Christmas Day 2011 Beach Incursion… And A Cool Singing House!

This post is really about wishing everyone a merry christmas and spread a little smile. I am just about to have diner with some family and friends but I did want to write this post. I started the day with a about 20 minutes of yoga in the sun, stretch the body, focus the mind and spirit. I made some phone calls afterwards and got some people together and headed down to the beach.

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How To Start A Network Marketing Company…

This blog post will reveal to you some key insights on the things you should take into account if you are wondering how to start a network marketing company. First let me make the distinction  that this post is about how you can start your home business in this industry of network marketing (or MLM) by becoming a representative of one already established, which is what the majority of people do.

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Do MLM Marketing Secrets Really Exist?

The fact that you are asking this question to yourself show that you are hungry for knowledge that you can learn and apply to earn more money. So do MLM marketing secrets really exist and if they do, how can you learn about them so you too can cash-in on this very profitable and highly competitive market?

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MLM Sponsoring: It Has Nothing To Do With Your Product…

When it comes down to MLM prospecting, recruiting and  sponsoring, here is a shocking truth that may rattle some of you: It has NOTHING to do with your product and everything to do with people… human psychology to be more exact. Sponsoring people into your downline is not about having the best product. It is not about have the best compensation plan, and it is not about how cool your company is.

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Christmas & New Year MLM Prospecting…

I’ve noticed that many people seem to drop their game during the holidays, I’m talking about MLM prospecting. If you think that people don’t have time to listen to you or that ‘they are just too busy’ or whatever other excuse you have, have you ENTERTAINED the idea that you may be wrong? Have you entertained the idea that this could be the best time to prospect?

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Struggle On The MLM Train…

In this post I will share with you the 3 top reasons why you struggle on the MLM train, and what to do about it! Alright so you were one of the people who were lucky enough to see the vision. You saw the possibilities, you know this is big business and you were PUMPED UP! So you jumped on board the train and then…..boom! Dead stop. The train stopped moving. This happens quite often and I certainly was there.

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Why Is It That Some People In MLM Are More Successful Than Others?

Seriously, think about that for a second. Why is it that some people in MLM are more successful than others? Why is it that some people are just more successful in general? Is it luck? Is it circumstance? Or is it pure will and hard work? More importantly can you be successful?We all have equal opportunity and same (more or less or in comparison to other successful people in your company) products to promote. Why do people make a killing while other struggle?

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How Being Reactive Sabotages Your Leadership…

The yin and yang, the reactive and proactive, the value adder and the energy drainer… these all represent the same fundamental principles, the 2 sides of the same coin for human behavior. I was on a live Leadership webinar with Ray Higdon last night, one of my direct mentors and business partners and he brought up the subject of how being reactive can really sabotage your leadership.

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How Frequently Should I Blog?

Alright so, you are excited, you have your blog up, you thought you had everything under control until now. You have your lead form ready, your excited ready to go. Then you are scratching your head… How Frequently Should I Blog?

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3 Top Ways To Generate Leads Using Facebook PPC…

This post is going to be short & sweet… straight to the point! You will LOVE it, if you are trying to use Facebook PPC to generate leads online… and if you are not, I highly suggested you learn this skill! There reason that you should take what I have to share with you to heart, simply is because of results that I had. Now I am not going to say I’m the best at generating leads from Facebook PPC, but I’ve had some very impressive results…

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