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Archive | November, 2011

The E+A = Thanksgiving Formula…

Thanksgiving is here and in this video I am going to share with you the E+A = Thanksgiving formula that has totally change my outlook to life… I am amazed how sometimes we just celebrate ONE day of giving thanks and forget about the other 364 days… The E+A = Thanksgiving talks about how energy and attraction will bring to you endless amount of great things to be constantly grateful for ALL THE TIME…

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Facebook Video ‘Ploy’…

So… here is another fancy Facebook NINJA trick to boost your relationships with people and engage your audience… Video is going big… I mean have you seen the TVs now that are integrated with the Internet? My friend… you have the ability to become a celebrity soon and this is what some people refer to as ‘The Rise of The Micro-Celebrity’. If you engage people with video… soon enough it’s very likely that you are going to be on their TV screen! Now how cool would that be? Even better yet, how profitable do you think you will be?

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Are You “Cashing In” On The 97% That Say No?

In the traditional MLM model, you are taught to  talk to as many people as you can… and it makes sense… the more people you talk to the higher the chance that someone will FINALLY say yes… but there is a catch… Are you CASHING IN on the 97% that say no? I bet you are not. As a smart business person and entrepreneur, you want maximum return on your energy and effort.. and the internet has made it MUCH easier to do so…. and hence the Funded Proposal Model.

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How To Build A Targeted Facebook Friends List…

Facebook is hot… like REALLY hot at the moment. If you are not harnessing it’s power for your business right now, then you are at a major disadvantage with those who do. In this short video, I will share with you some NEAT tricks to build a targeted list of friends on Facebook that will help you build more relationships, improve response to your marketing campaign and ultimately help people and generate money!

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