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Archive | August, 2011

Jerry Clark

Mr Jerry Clark ladies and gentleman! I just managed to catch Jerry D’Rhino Clark himself for a video interview along with a ‘bHIP Global’ top leader Dr Masa Cemazar. In this EXCLUSIVE video interview, I ask Jerry some deep and very important questions regarding building your MLM business but also to live a fulfilled life. Jerry happily shares some awesome gems that are definitely worth listening to.

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interview with masa

Top ‘bHIP Global’ Leader Reveals Sizzling Insight In Video Interview

I managed to pin down a top ‘bHIP Global’ leader Dr Masa Cemazar after a team training along with the one and only Mr Jerry ‘Rhino’ Clark! I’m telling you, it is HARD WORK to catch one of them, let alone record a video interview with both, especially when they had a plane to catch in just couple of hours. Both Jerry and Masa have had amazing success. If you do not know Jerry or have not heard his training, oh boy, you are missing out on some SERIOUS knowledge. He is a GIANT in this industry with over 24 years experience. He is also hilarious! While Masa, an Oxford graduate with a Ph.D in Molecular Genetics, have transformed herself from a ‘lab scientist‘ to a top leader in the industry within a few years. In these EXCLUSIVE interviews, Dr Masa Cemazar, top ‘bHIP Global’ leader, share some sizzling insights on:

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