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Archive | July, 2011

Is Your View Of The World Empowering Or ‘Robbing’ You?

In this video I will reveal how one simple but POWERFUL word can dictate your life, WITHOUT you even knowing about it! This is one of the world’s most powerful and best kept tools, and if you GET what I am about to teach you, then you’re half way there! If you have ever heard the saying “If you think you can or if you think you can’t, you are RIGHT”, then this will show you why…

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No Blog

Top 4 Reasons why NOT to have a blog… What?!

Ok ok, so if you are saying to yourself, hey dude, you have a blog what are you talking about, well you are absolutely right, so let me explain… You see there are always reasons for why you want to do something and why not to do it. There are definitely reasons why you don’t want to have a fully functioning, value giving, gut crunching, awesome blog with a following of people who are DYING to hear from you next!

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Phone booths

How To ‘Ditch’ Your Phone Fear Once & For All!

Does your heart start MADLY beating just from the thought of you getting on the phone with your prospects? Does your breath shorten? Do you tense up, get anxious or freeze? Do you come up with every excuse possible for not having a phone conversation? Are you AFRAID of the phone and speaking on it with your prospects? Not for long you won’t…

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Capitol Hill Massage Therapy Clinic

How A Simple Change Of Words Can Help Reduce Your Stress!

So many people are stressed out these days for many reasons. The good news is that you can actually learn tools to add to your arsenal that will teach you to ELIMINATE stress from your life. The key here is to learn tools to manage and eventually, learn how to rid your life of stress. I believe it takes an internal transformation, focus, purpose and passion to be able to that, at least that’s what I have found out.

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Seven deadly sins-Lust

10 Effective Tips For Building Better Relationships – Part 1

Human beings… lovely creatures we are, amazingly and eternally complex. A marvel, miracle, and testament to the genius of the universe, god or whoever you choose to believe in or not believe in. Simply there is no denial about our impressive nature. In this post, I want to reveal to you some practical knowledge that will help you build more fulfilling relationships with everyone in your life from partners, prospects, team members, husbands, wives, fiancées, to friends, family, and the checkout girl in the grocery shop. This means more success to you in life and business. Since we are complex biological, emotional and spiritual beings, to say that I have, or anyone else for that matter, fully mastered the skill in understanding human behavior and tapping into it would be an overstatement. In saying that, there are easy and effective techniques that I have learned that you can start using right now to help take you to the next level in your development and business. 1. Don’t criticize, condemn, or complain Not just people, but also a place or a thing. People are attracted to positive energies. If you are constantly criticizing, condemning and complaining, you are giving out a negative energy, and sabotaging your relationship with them. You are also NOT adding value to people’s lives. If you have seen my video about attraction marketing, you now understand that people are attracted to value. So if you are putting this negative energy out there, you will repel people instead of attracting them! Also, with all this negative energy out that you are pulsating, if you do criticize, condemn or complain, you will attract similar energies to your life and will bring more of which that you do not want. What you FOCUS on, will grow and expand in your life. Now do you really want to criticize, condemn or complain? I don’t. But I have to admit that sometimes I am caught off guard, and it’s ok… as long as I’m aware of it and stop it. 2. Smile Yes smile! This is so simple you’re probably thinking why is he even mentioning it? This is because just a simple smile can have a very powerful effect on the other person, how they feel, and how they perceive you. If you are like me, seeking to build great relationships with everyone (I don’t know if that is possible, but I’ll keep you posted!), then one of your ‘weapons’ would have to be a genuine and sincere smile. Next time you go out, smile to every person you see and observe their reactions… seriously I dare you to do it! 3. Remember their name I can’t remember where I learned this from, but I’ve heard that a person’s name is the most beautiful sound to their ear. I’ve had people that I’ve met for the very first time literally say ‘Thank You’ to me just because I’ve remembered their name! I was surprised the first time this happened, and I […]

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3 Simple Questions To Help Build Your Online Brand…

In this post, I will be revealing 3 amazingly simple questions to ask yourself that will help you define an UNBEATABLE online brand and create your competitive edge. This will enable you to truly TAP into the power of Attraction Marketing and setup a long-term income for yourself. Let’s get started… An online brand is one of the most powerful and profitable strategies for any entrepreneur, especially if you are in network marketing. First I want to explain that this is not an over-night process. If you think success is a “pill” you take and when you wake up it’s all there, then you don’t get it… YET. Successful people had to work hard (but smart and with the correct knowledge) to get to where they are. If such “pill” existed, I will most definitely would have taken it long time ago! Building an online brand for yourself will require you to ENVISION your future, see your destiny, and find exactly WHY you want to do it. Then, you will have to be a bit daring, enthusiastic and stretch your imagination. But it’s worth it. Ok, so now you had a breakthrough and know why you want to take-on this mission, it’s time to create your masterpiece, your blog, which is such an ESSENTIAL fundamental for your online brand. Perhaps you already started this already but maybe you got caught somewhere or not sure if you are heading in the right direction. Now what? You are going to have to do some brain-picking here. Here are the 3 questions that I encourage you to think about to help build your brand: 1. What Are You Offering? An essential part of marketing is to SOLVE a problem. If you can solve a problem for your prospect at a price he or she is willing to pay, then you are going to make money. Most network marketers, probably around 95% of them are struggling in their business. The 3 major reasons for their failure is (and most don’t even know it): Their success mindset (or should I say their failure mindset, hey it’s ok… I was  once there) Their lack of knowledge and skill in the correct marketing education and system They have not found a dedicated leader to provide one of the above (even better yet, both) Offer them leadership and marketing solutions and they will FLOCK to you! Defining your niche also helps you define what you are offering. For all the network marketers, here are some ideas for some specific niches: Personal Development (mindset, goal setting…) Marketing (copywriting, blogging, social media, paid advertising…) There are many others. Your niche could be a combination. It is important to choose ones that you are passionate at and become good at it by living it and applying it yourself. 2. Who Are You Offering It To? If you don’t know who you are talking to, then how can you create value adding content to help? There is a major difference between talking […]

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Zero Hour

A ‘Time’ Trick To Start Your Day Effectively

This post is an effective strategy that I use on a daily basis (ok, ok… almost daily) that help me manage my time. This makes me more productive to bring more money in and speed up my personal journeys. I am a big believer in managing time effectively but also a bigger believer in managing your energy state as well… but I’ll leave that to a different post. Before we start, I will assume that you already have yearly, monthly and weekly plans. If not, I encourage to go ahead and do that. Your time is VALUABLE and if you still don’t feel it… this means that there is something not quite right in the way your doing business. It probably is the MOST VALUABLE ASSEST that you have, perhaps after your mind. Obviously, you want to maximise what you get out of it. One thing I learned my friend is money comes and goes, people come and go, stuff come and go… but the only thing you cannot have back is your TIME and ENERGY. So here is what I encourage you to do First, think about say 5 or 6 things you want to accomplish for the next day. Write them down. Be specific and have an intention on when you want them completed. After you do that, prioritise the highest value activity or activities. These activities are what brings you the highest amount of dollars for your business or move you closer to a personal achievement. Here is an example: Following up your leads and prospect is one of the highest paying activities you can perform, so leave checking your email to last! It may seem hard to do at first, but I believe it is essential to keep your email under wraps and NOT be control by your inbox (hint: this is another sources of unnecessary stress)! When you wake up the next morning, before you start running around, review your list and then jump into action. As for your personal life, what is your highest priority? Losing weight? Building a better relationship with your partner? Well you might want to leave the next episode of Star Wars or Sex And The City to another time my friend. PS: If you found this useful, feel free to share and leave some comments

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