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John Moussan

“Amplify Your Vibration, Transform Your Life”


A simple and effective 8-step methodology for entrepreneurs to grow
their business, crush their goals, and change their lives forever…


Ancient knowledge, breakthroughs in quantum mechanics, and our experiences point to one conclusion: our thoughts, beliefs and emotions determine our reality. This wisdom is the foundation for real and long-lasting transformative change.


Leading a healthy lifestyle can dramatically impact the quality of your decisions, your business, and quality of life. It keeps you sharp, focused, and energized. Take care of your body not only for you, but also for your family. If you don’t have your health, you have nothing. 


Living life with (a true) purpose completely invigorates your being with natural energy, excitement, and joy. Life will take on a new meaning and you cannot wait for a new day to begin. Aligning your purpose and business together can yield explosive results.


Becoming an entrepreneur is a very empowering choice to live a life free from the constraints of a boss and the lack of money. By shifting your energy, you can attract all the resources, people, and knowledge you need for your ideal business or elevate the one you already have.


The key to crushing your goals is to understand that we are wired for survival and NOT achievement. Having a system to over-ride our natural tendency against change in business, health, or relationships is crucial for success in life, and especially as entrepreneurs.


Action trumps words. The secret is to take effective and efficient action on a consistent basis. In many cases, results are not immediate. By respecting time and consistently taking action we allow for the seeds that we planted to grow. Then comes harvest time.


Life is all about relationships and interaction with other people. Surrounding yourself with those who lift you up, adds more joy to your life. Learning how to effectively communicate with people for both personal and business matters is another key to success.



If you want to lead others, you must first learn how to lead yourself and discipline your actions. Self-leadership is necessary for change and growth. 


What my students are saying about me
  • "My goal was to double my sales and triple my income [...] John and his coaching program came at the right time [...] the program was so effective [...] my business sales increased by 48%, and my income kept getting better. [...] I would recommend the coaching program to anyone who would like to change, expect, and receive positive results."
    Cristian T.Cristian T.Top Salesman and Online Entrepreneur
  • "I can honestly say that John is one of the most authentic and gifted coach/teachers that I’ve heard and had the pleasure of working with. John was able to help me focus on my true happiness through creating balance, vision and focus and the right thought process until it surrounded me with a vibrant clarity. It has opened my eyes to an unseen world of possibilities! I feel my personal development and success has skyrocketed and has been forever affected in an amazingly positive way! John is truly an awesome coach and brings extensive value to each coaching session."
    Natalie W.Natalie W.Model and Entrepreneur
  • "John sincerely impressed me. This was not a flash-in-the-pan-experience, but rather a lasting life change and a major financial improvement. To anyone considering the opportunity to work with John I will say this: John is a kind and generous person who really enjoys pouring into others for their own personal gain. That's what makes him so special. He truly enjoys watching others succeed and I can't say enough how grateful I am to have met him."
    Mike S.Mike S.Branding Expert and Motivational Speaker
  • "John is a forward thinker and problem solver which is so important in a coach. He helped me increase my business by 200% in a short period of time through troubleshooting, guidance on marketing, and by looking at the overall big picture specifically for my business. His positivity and ability to relate to modern day business were a HUGE asset to me personally and to my bottom line. I highly recommend John as a coach."
    Kenya A.Kenya A.Home Business Owner
  • “John uses psychology, physical science, finance, health & nutrition plus much more to effectively help his students with their individual needs. He is passionate about his coaching and it comes through in his teaching. He was great in a group setting, but if you get a chance to work with John 1-on-1, DO NOT pass it up. His ability to make me more effective in work and in life was so worth it. I can’t thank him enough. It’s truly life changing.“
    Brad S.Brad S.Online Entrepreneur
  • "John has been a tremendous help to me. He's an intelligent man that I have learned so much from. My business has grown this past year and it has everything to do with him. Not only does John listen to what I have to say, but he never makes me feel like any of my questions are dumb. Sometimes it is hard for me to grasp things and he has been extremely patient with me. He is very kind and I have always sensed his passion to help."
    Lindsay M.Lindsay M.Online Business Owner
  • "John has the great ability to listen, guide and offer tools and advice to help you improve yourself through daily practices and working on a positive mindset. He has character and a driving passion to help others achieve more in life. If you are looking to improve your life and to become more successful in reaching your goals, John Moussan can and will help you."
    John R.John R.Entrepreneur and Networker
  • "I’m here to tell you that I have worked closely with Mr. Moussan and I’m quite pleased to report he, in rapid fashion, has past most of his peers in areas of great importance such as mindset, balance, and massive action. I can state without hesitation I have witnessed his mastery of emotion and the ‘law of attraction’ and possibly the most impressive thing I could state is his dedication to living his life on actionable plans based on sound principals followed by the best in class. I would give John an exceptional recommendation. "
    Rob S.Rob S.Business Man & Sales Expert